News and Media May 2017

Innovative ways to finance biodiversity conservation and management, including developing the sports fishing eco-tourism industry are being planned and tested in Guatemala to safeguard the countries highly diverse species and ecosystems – which play an important role in the lives and economy of Guat...Read more
A new legislative agenda introduced into the Philippine Congress during 2016 is striving to mobilise greater public finance for crucial biodiversity and ecosystem protection and management. A recent Bill to reform the National Integrated Protected Areas System (NIPAS) Act (the law governing protecte...Read more
On the 31st of January, the UNDP released a photo-essay on the results of different projects implemented in Cuba in order to reach a sustainable management of the ecosystem. The photo-essay recently released by UNDP displays remarkable photos and presents the results achieved by the Government of Cu...Read more
BIOFIN’s biodiversity finance solution webinar series begins 2017 with a session on what are the best strategies to engage with foundations in the BIOFIN process. The webinar will particularly focus on how to interact with national foundations while also highlighting which international foundations...Read more
ASTANA, 22 November 2016 – BIOFIN in Kazakhstan conducted a workshop on “Mobilization of financial resources for conservation of biodiversity in Kazakhstan”. The purpose of the Workshop was to discuss the different existing opportunities for new biodiversity finance solutions. This is an important s...Read more