The BIOFIN team in Seychelles is part of a national partnership and vision on biodiversity finance in the country, supporting efforts of Ministries of Finance and Environment, NGOs and the private sector. Biodiversity finance is a high priority on the national agenda that pursues a Blue Economy Strategy. BIOFIN has identified mechanisms to finance Protected Areas under GEF/UNDP initiatives. The private sector and NGOs are also involved and the national BIOFIN team has made great progress in this regards. Recently it developed a project that seeks financial autonomy for the Seychelles National Parks Authority. This project would redirect the revenue generated from tourism and visits to the marine parks towards biodiversity. BIOFIN national team works closely with government departments and makes recommendations based on their findings. Similar recommendations were put forward based on the Public Expenditure Review, to some underfunded government departments to raise funds by levying charges/fees for some of the services they were providing free of charge. 

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