Finance for Nature Podcast: Ep 1 – CSR and Gcash in the Philippines


In this episode of the Finance for Nature Podcast we head to the annual BIOFIN Regional Dialogue for Europe, Asia and Pacific held in late September 2019. We are joined by Mabel Niala from the fintech company, GCash in the Philippines and Anabelle Plantilla, the national coordinator of BIOFIN in the Philippines to discuss the CSR initiative, GCash Forests initiative, which is using a mobile money app to engage users in the Philippines to take steps to be more environmentally friendly and earn points through their app to plant a virtual tree. These virtual trees once earned will be planted for the restoration of the Ipo watershed, which provides much of the water for the Philippines Capital Manilla.

GCash Forests is a partnership between GCash, BIOFIN and WWF.