Together for Tamaraws

Project overview

Tamaraws are a type of wild dwarf buffalo living only on the island of Mindoro in the Philippines. There used to be thousands of this rare animal roaming and grazing the entire island of Mindoro and on other islands. Now, they are confined to the highlands due to rampant illegal poaching, habitat degradation, and changing land use. At present, only 480 of this unique species are left within the Mount Iglit Baco National Park. Captive breeding was tried to revive the population, but only resulted in a single offspring. Thus, survival of the tamaraw is highly dependent on the wild population. This survival recently became more threatened due to the COVID-19 pandemic that resulted to closure of parks and curtailment of tourist activities.

32 out of 35 wardens and 1 ranger, the tamaraw frontliners who function as tourist guides and patrollers, have lost their jobs, and the endangered tamaraws are at risk of losing their protectors.

UNDP through its Biodiversity Finance Initiative in the Philippines is launching #SuwagoSuko (#StrikeorSurrender) #TogetherforTamaraws, a crowdfunding campaign to secure the allowances and food packages for the Mangyan rangers and wardens who are protecting the tamaraws and its home.

The gifts will support half a year’s field allowance and nourishment during this difficult period spurred by the pandemic and the transition to recovery. This way, we support our tamaraw frontliners, and ensure that the protection of the tamaraws from poachers and hunters will continue.

Your gift will help them, and they can help save the last surviving tamaraws.

Impact Packages
Tamaraw Grazing Package


The tamaraw is a herbivore feeding on grass, bamboo shoots, and wild sugarcane. Just as the tamaraw needs to graze freely, let us provide gifts of nourishment for the tamaraw frontliners as they traverse mountains and rivers on foot at Mts. Iglit-Baco Natural Park, Mindoro. Your 10 USD will feed 1 warden for 7 days.

Tour of Duty Package


Our tamaraw frontliners have lost their means of livelihood due to closure of the park and absence of any tourism due to the pandemic. But they continue to plod on. Twenty dollars will provide a source of living for 7 days.

Premium Tour of Duty Package


Fifty dollars will provide a source of living for one frontliner for 15 days.

Defend the Herd Package


A typical tamaraw herd comprises one adult male, two adult females, one juvenile and one yearling. Our tamaraw frontliners belong to herds, too -- their families. But they live apart. Reward them for their dedication, grit and passion. Let's inspire them by securing a source of living for one month / 30 days.

Save the Tamaraw from Extinction Package


480 tamaraws still exist amidst constant threats of which hunting and poaching are the gravest. Adopt a tamaraw and secure a frontliner's source of living for six months. Inspire them to do their jobs of patrolling the park without worrying about their livelihoods.