BIOFIN Webinar: Biodiversity Expenditure Review - Recording and Presentations


On 12th of April 2017, BIOFIN made a webinar on the Biodiversity Expenditure Review. If you missed it, you will find all the important information, the recordings and the presentations here.

The Biodiversity Expenditure Review (BER) is the second step of the BIOFIN process. The aim of the BER is to use detailed data on public, private, and civil society budgets, allocations and expenditures to inform and promote improved biodiversity policies, financing, and outcomes. It should cover: Spending Basics, Biodiversity Categories, Policy Alignment, Delivery Patterns, Financing Sources and Solutions, Future Spending, and Business Case.

Recording and Presentations

The webinar includes three different parts:

  1. Introduction to the CBD-BIOFIN Regional Nodes where the CBD Secretariat will explain the links between BER and the financial reporting framework.
  2. Presentation on the BIOFIN BER methodology.
  3. Q&A and discussion session.

The presentation covers the different steps of the Biodiversity Expenditure Review described in the 2016 BIOFIN Workbook:

  • Preparations
  • Defining the main parameters of the BER
  • Gather Data
  • Data Analysis
  • Future Expenditure Projections 


Facilitator:   David Meyers (BIOFIN)
Speakers:  - Herve Barois (BIOFIN)
                  - Markus Lehmann (CBD)
                  - Annabelle Trinidad (BIOFIN)