The UNDP Biodiversity Finance Initiative BIOFIN

The Biodiversity Finance Initiative (BIOFIN) develops and pilots a new approach and methodology for leveraging increased biodiversity investments

BIOFIN is a global partnership addressing the biodiversity finance challenge in a comprehensive manner. The Initiative provides an innovative methodology enabling countries to measure their current biodiversity expenditures, assess their financial needs in the medium term and identify the most suitable finance solutions to bridge their national biodiversity finance gaps. 

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Biodiversity finance resources

The 2016 BIOFIN Workbook

Monday 5th of December 2016 at the CBD COP13 the new 2016 BIOFIN Workbook: Mobilizing Resources for Biodiversity and Sustainable Development is launched, including all the improvement and lessons learnt from the countries to reach a more efficient and result-based methodology.

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BIOFIN in a nutshell

The BIOFIN brochure provides useful information about the Initiative and its implementation in 30 countries worldwide.   

The BIOFIN brochure is available in English and Spanish